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The nutrients in each Kugler KQ Fertilizer are specifically formulated to deliver better results than if you applied them separately. It's a concept called synergism—and it's basic to all Kugler KQ fertilizers.
Soil pH is really an indicator of your soil's ability to use fertilizer. Here are a couple of examples of the importance of understanding the pH of your soil. Low pH (high acid): Acid in the soil tends to reduce the...
With fertilizer products in short supply, Kugler Company recommends that you take the time to fully understand the guaranteed analysis of the fertilizer that you purchase. When seeking a sample analysis, remember to ask...
Today's high-tech hybrids demand a different approach to fertility in order to gain optimum return on genetic potential. Understanding the nutrient needs of your plants at various growing stages, Kugler Company has...
The characteristics of your soil have a dramatic effect on the success and effectiveness of your fertility program. That's why a soil test is critical before you begin planning your Kugler KQ fertility program. You'll need...

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Kugler Quality

Kugler is actively looking for Quality Distributors in the USA and Internationally.

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Production Quality

Formulated to Flow Smoothly & Cleanly

You typically have a very small window of time to get into the field—especially at planting. If you have trouble with your fertilizer gumming up and plugging screens, you spend less time putting seed in the ground and more time fixing headaches. But that's exactly what happens with low quality liquid fertilizers that don't have Kugler quality behind them.



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Our History

our history A History of Quality Products and Services

Kugler Company was founded in 1924 by Carl Kugler as a small service station in Culbertson, Nebraska. His primary goal was to always provide the highest level of service to his customers—his friends and neighbors. That philosophy still holds true today as the very foundation of our company.