Fertilizer Application

Fertilizer ApplicationToday's high-tech hybrids demand a different approach to fertility in order to gain optimum return on genetic potential. Understanding the nutrient needs of your plants at various growing stages, Kugler Company has developed effective, results-oriented fertility programs for crop growers.


Crops use about half of their phosphorus demand in the third quarter of growth—so you need to make certain that the phosphorus is there at root level. A deep placement application of Kugler KQ Fertilizer prior to planting will create a storehouse of phosphorus for the plant's use later on.

If you're growing on dryland under expected drought conditions, placement of nutrients becomes even more critical. Contact your Kugler KQ Dealer regarding the best fertility program for your management methods.


Utilize precise fertilizer placement at planting using a Kugler KQ starter. Apply using a 2 x 2 method—2 inches to the side of the seed and 2 inches below the seed. Typically, a high nitrogen starter is used at this time, so the fertilizer is available to the plant when the seedling needs a great deal of nutrients. With the Kugler KQ fertilizer at 2 inches in depth, the roots of the plant will reach the motherlode at the time it needs it most.

In Furrow Placement - For Placement Photos, Click Here


Cultivation is an excellent opportunity to cost-efficiently apply Kugler KQ Fertilizers. With just one trip across your field, you help ensure nitrogen availability at peak demand. Without available nitrogen, your plants will begin to cannibalize themselves to get it—and that will obviously have an adverse effect on your yield.


Researchers have discovered that foliar feeding maintains a better overall nutrient balance within plants, which may not be achieved through soil uptake alone. Root distribution, soil temperature, available soil moisture, soil-nutrient imbalance and other factors can limit nutrient absorption through the roots. Foliar feeding with Kugler KQ Fertilizer is one of the most efficient ways to supply essential nutrients to growing crops.

Pivot Applications

When growing in sandy or low texture soils, two or three applications of Kugler KQ353 or other specially formulated Kugler KQ Fertilizer through your pivot are highly recommended. This "spoon feeding" helps reduce nitrogen loss through leaching by providing N in volumes that can be used up by the plant before N loss occurs.


This gives you the flexibility to apply fertilizer in wet conditions or late in the season when ground rigs cannot get into the field. It allows greater opportunity to apply nutrients all season long and give your crops an extra boost when growing conditions are optimal.